Mr. Massimiliano Musso, the IDC Project Promoter, was born in Genoa (Italy) on 21/07/1965.

In the early seventies, he comes to Cervinia and here he chooses to live and work.

For some years he skied at a competitive level and in 1987 he graduated skiing Master.

Meanwhile, a new winter sport is establishing itself and, in 1997, he graduated snowboarding Master too.

Former rally driver, since 1998, he has been joining of the International Center for Safe Driving by Andrea De Adamich in Varano de’ Melegari (PR) as an instructor/driver for Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Ferrari brands.

In 2008, Musso decided to pour all his training in the automotive world in the creation and management of an ice track for karts in Breuil Cervinia.

The automotive expertise – gained through years of courses and events – supports and is the basis of the draft which then becomes reality.

So, in December 2009, Ice Kart Cervinia began working.

From March 2010 to October 2015, Karts, disused the studded tires, dropped to Varano de Melegari (Parma) for the adventure of Top Kart Experience on the track built inside the famous Motor Valley Autodrome.
And from this year Top Kart Experience begins a new adventure near the sea, in Liguria, on the Funny Land Track.

In 2010, the track of IKC is enlarged to accommodate the performance of cars and other means: Ice Proving Ground was born and now its name is ICE DRIVING CERVINIA.


Breuil village center is very near to the structure, about 500 meters from the IDC area, that is located on the slopes of the Matterhorn, providing an unrivaled appeal in the events on the track.

Set in the area above and adjacent to the tunnel leading to the village, the IDC winter structure is devoted to dynamic tests with cars and vehicles in general, for events in the famous location of Cervinia, with a track that reaches a total length of 1,100 meters, ranking in size at the top of the Alpine Arc structures.


IDC Structure is divided into some different areas that are in the IDC exclusive competence:

  • An Ice Drome, a technical and enjoyable challenging, that is usually used both for cars and karts
  • A Dynamic Area, in adjacent to the ice drome, that is usually used for safe driving exercises.

The IDC Organization has got the experience and the resources to ensure the best winter adequate surface preparation and the snow needed for the dynamic tests too for the total safety of its guests, who can enjoy an heated very confortable hospitality area next to the ice drome. In case of special events, IDC has the availability of a stretch of provincial road that is closed to traffic for ” road tests ” of cars and tires in the immediate vicinity of the permanently track.

The experience and the deep technical and technological knowledge – baggage of the Founder, the commitment and the professionalism make our structure a point of reference in the sector.


ICE KART CERVINIA organizes events, team and individual competitions as well as in combination with skiing.